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Compact and powerful, it features record breaking performance and can increase efficiency.

It comes with multi-laser technology and multi-channel real-time hardware decode capability.

It offers the ultimate flexibility to accelerate almost every aspect of your business.

It may be shrinking in size, but its performance and features are growing dramatically.

Customize your own scanning environment with ZEBEX's scan modules..

  History & Vision
  Since 1986, ZEBEX has been at the forefront of the Auto-ID industry, developing, manufacturing, and marketing a full range of barcode scanning products and solutions. With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and branch office in Shanghai, China, ZEBEX's reach exends across the globe via animpressive distribution network that enables people and organizations around the world to enjoy quality ZEBEX scanning products.

Our combination of advanced technology, unmatched quality, and competitive pricing offers ZEBEX customers compelling value. Add to that a comprehensive product line that includes handheld scanners, hands-free scanners, in-counter scanners, portable data terminals, fixed data terminals and scan modules, and thus ZEBEX is truly your Ultimate Auto-ID Solution Provider.

With 18 years of expertise, ZEBEX is committed to investing int he development of new and advanced Auto-ID technologies. In fact, its dedicated R&D team has patented numberous core technologies that separate ZEBEX products from the competition.

ZEBEX pioneered the use of dual-laser technology with its hands-free barcode scanners. By utilizing dual laser diodes, overall scanning power has been significantly enhanced, doubling the number of scan lines, broadening scan angles, and intensifying the scan pattern across the scan field. With this state-of-the-art technology, ZEBEX's hands-free scanners deliver the industry's most comprehensive scan patern, enabling 2000+ scans per second over 33% greater than our closest competition.

ZEBEX scanners are also equipped with Z-SCAN technology that provides real-time decoding capabilities. With Z-SCAN, transaction times are effectively shortened, increasing overall scanning efficiency. In environments where high scanning speeds and accurate first-pass read rates are mission critical, there's no better choice than ZEBEX's dual-laser, omnidirectional scanners. With expertise in optic design and a dedicated R&D division, ZEBEX creates proprietary technologies that consistently set new standards int he Auto-ID industry.

From industry-leading technologies to smart business practices, organizations around the globe count on ZEBEX to enhance their overall efficiency and productivity. With an experienced R&D team, stringent quality control, knowledgeable sales and marketing staff, and timely RMA services,
ZEBEX is Your Ultimate Auto-ID Solution Provider.